Tykelbertt Abel Polecat (tykelbertt) wrote,
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Birthday on its way...

Well guys, my 26th birthday is making it's cycle back around in approximately 8 days on the 28th. I'm not really sure what all I want to do. Jeff will be away on business so that sucks as well as a lot of friends being out of the area. My parents are coming in the weekend before my birthday (my birthday does fall on a monday...blah) so I do get to enjoy their company. Usually I have a huge blockbuster of a party, because well...it's my birthday and I don't party much. But, don't think it's gonna happen this year. Certainly hope I can find something to do to make it special.

For those who may be interested in getting me a cheap birthday present...I've always wanted commission work of my character. Never really had one done and I'm curious how one would turn out. But, eh...I'm not one to ask for things. Peace on Earth is a stretch for a birthday present too, although that is truly what I'd want. (blech...I sound like a contestant in a beauty pagent)
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