Tykelbertt Abel Polecat (tykelbertt) wrote,
Tykelbertt Abel Polecat

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'Tis the season!

The day before yesterday, everyone was RAVING about how low my voice was. I was Barry White for a day. I mean people were laughing and having me say things like "Turn the lights down low" and "mmmm baby." I loved it.

Sadly yesterday I had no voice at all and felt like my lungs were gonna explode out of my chest each time I coughed. Went to sleep as soon as I got home at 2:00 and slept all night with occasional moments where Jeff woke me to feed me or to take medicine.

Today, I feel fine. Not 100% yet, but getting there. I can talk at least. Time for me to help get this house ready for another roommate to move in.
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