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Wrestling tourney...

Well yesterday marked the club's first official tournament and the first beach wrestling tournament I've seen to date. Due to injuring my right wrist at practice because I tend to go all out and really wanted to kick everyone's ass, I wasn't able to officially enter and compete, much to my dismay. I was a referee however and did the best I could to make the best calls even against some criticism...as there always going to be when someone is refereeing anything. It was a small turnout, but not a complete washout. It went rather well. One wrestler in particular never wrestled before, and was hooked.

We even did a few exhibition matches for anyone to challenge another just for fun. However, I did get thrown in the ring against a 112 8th grader. Don't get me wrong, he was good for an 8th grader, but I felt like I was going to break him in half or was too old and too heavy, so I really don't count that as much of a match as a training exercise. I did get a few other challenges and did do well without inflaming my wrist too much.

I'm looking forward to the next tourney we are hosting in July or August and hopefully I can keep myself completely healthy so I can be an official competitor and kick some ass and take a medal home and a smile on my face.

Sadly, right now...my wrist is in a support as I can barely do things like twist caps off of soda with my right hand.
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