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More surprise birthday presents....

Lo and behold as I woke this morning to check email, I check FA and BAM! wolf_prophet, drew some amazing artwork of my character. I'm speechless by the talent and generosity of both him and rain_hatchett for the artwork made for me. I was wondering what my character would look like in a commission and it is wonderful.

Like Rain's picture, this one is probably NSFW. I have a teaser picture that Butch gave me that I posted below, for the full picture you'll have to click the link before. Don't worry, no yiff is behind the cut, just a naked wereskunk. Also, Rain's picture is behind the cut for those who couldn't see it last time.

This was drawn by wolf_prophet

This was drawn by rain_hatchett

I love them both. The artwork is superb. Which one is better? I can't make up my mind. Heehee.

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